What do you do when it doesn’t feel right?

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01/07/18 | Thoughts

It’s all made up…

I need to be honest with you, since having my beautiful bubba, I lost my confidence for a while when it came to my professional life. Anyone relate to this? Life became so full of sleeping schedules (sorry, what schedules?!), nappies, cute smiles then…

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01/06/18 | Thoughts

What do you do when it doesn’t feel right?

When it doesn’t feel right… I’ve been on such a journey to get to the place where my book, Making Peace Before You Eat, is just weeks away from landing in Australia. There have been things to navigate like a pregnancy and a newborn, and challenges th…

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01/05/18 | Thoughts

Let’s do this together

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller This afternoon I was sitting on the couch, childless, because a friend had taken Noa out so that I could do some work. And as I sat there I wondered, what would I write about in th…

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08/04/18 | Thoughts

Woohoo!! It’ time…

Making Peace Before You Eat (available May 2018) is now available for pre-sale purchase! The time has come! My beautiful new book Making Peace Before You Eat is in the process of being bound together, getting ready for you all to enjoy! This book is si…

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01/04/18 | Thoughts

Exciting news!!

I have the most exciting news to share!! My new cookbook Making Peace Before You Eat is available for pre-sale purchase THIS week! It’s been a long and fulfilling experience bringing together this beautifully designed, stunningly photographed cookbook…

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01/03/18 | Thoughts

Getting real about something…

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.”    – Brene Brown On 4 December 2017, not only did I welcome beautiful Noa to the world – I…

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01/02/18 | Thoughts

It’s nearly here!

Making Peace Before You Eat In 2016 I facilitated workshops around Australia with the intention of sharing a message that mattered.In a busy world, spending time quietly enjoying our meal is often not a priority. We eat while working or watching televi…

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01/01/18 | Thoughts

Happy new year beautiful one!

Welcome to our beautiful little Noa! On the first day of the new year when most of us are all enjoying a very relaxing day (the roads in Sydney were incredibly and beautifully quiet), I just wanted to connect with you to wish you a very Happy New Year…

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02/12/17 | Thoughts

The waiting game

Are we there yet? As I typed the words ‘Are we there yet?’ I saw the image in my mind of young kids in the back of the car while on a long car ride. It brings me back to my own childhood where our holidays would consist of travelling 5 hours to our des…

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01/11/17 | Thoughts

Trust yourself, you’ve got this!

Trust yourself, you’ve got this On the weekend I attended a brilliant birthing workshop with Nadine O’Mara of She Births. With just over 4 weeks to go to baby’s due date, it’s high time to sink deep into the world of what is about to become my world! B…

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01/10/17 | Thoughts

When it’s decision time…

I recently had to make a big decision. And it challenged me. Many of you know that I’m in the throes of writing my new book. I’ve been on track to release this book this year, even down to the point of spending a week working with the incredibly talent…

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01/09/17 | Thoughts

Complete Nourishment

So I just got back from a week of living on a catamaran. Yes, that’s right, for a full week, I lived on a beautiful catamarn sailing around Fraser Island, seeing whales, turtles and dolphins daily. And it was magical. So why am I sharing this with you?…

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01/08/17 | Thoughts

The freedom in breaking up with yourself

We should talk…. Have you ever had the thought that you might be stuck inside the person you created yourself to be? Very recently it hit me. Motherhood was coming, I suddenly found myself with a beautiful new family to spend time with, and the love…

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01/07/17 | Thoughts

Plastic Free July, Product launch Party and more!

Going plastic free this July Thank you all for such warm wishes on the news of my pregnancy. I’m definitely feeling the love! I’ve had beautiful emails, the cutest little booties knitted and amazing hugs. There’s nothing like the news of new life to br…

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23/06/17 | Thoughts

You’re invited!

To celebrate the launch of these beautiful products into stores nationwide we want to invite you, our beautiful community, to a morning of nourishment and connection. Held Friday 7th of July 8.30-10am at the beautiful InYoga in Surry Hills, this event…

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01/06/17 | Thoughts

Time to share the news!

It’s time I’ve been sitting on a little secret… not only have I been cooking up some new products over the last few months, I’ve also been cooking a human! Yes my partner and I are SUPER excited – in fact we’re slightly over the moon. But I’ll be hon…

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01/05/17 | Thoughts

The truth amongst the chatter

On the weekend I was blessed to cater one of my favourite retreats in one of the most beautiful locations. I was having a conversation about listening to your truth with a lovely retreat goer. It was one of those conversations where words are said and…

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01/04/17 | Thoughts

Less is more, even when it comes to eating brownies :)

Have you ever noticed an undercurrent of needing more? Fill in the blanks: I need to do more, I need to eat more, I need to study more, I need to be more…. I recently had an experience in a yoga class where the gentleman next to me was pushing so har…

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01/03/17 | Thoughts

Pancakes, Mash & A Special Offer for You!

I’m so excited to share with you that we’ve launched our gorgeous pancake mix! Yes, there were moments when it got a little challenging, but thanks to my amazing team we have made it and are all so proud. The pancakes are light and fluffy, GLUTEN, DAIR…

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24/02/17 | Thoughts

It’s on its way!

It’s on its way! Or maybe it’s already in your hands!!! Thank you dearly for pre-purchasing your Activated Buckwheat Pancake Mix with Coconut & Chia, and for supporting this beautiful project being created. Each batch of activated buckwheat acts sl…

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01/02/17 | Thoughts

Activated Goodness!

When we started looking at packaging for our beautiful pancake mixes, brownie mixes and muffin mixes we knew a few things. 1. We wanted them to be beautiful to look at – of course! 2. We wanted packaging that would keep the product fresh. We’re activat…

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15/07/16 | Thoughts

How to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

“Prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” – Dr Maya Angelou I love this quote, it optimises the importance of nourishing oneself. When we are filled up, healthy, in balance, vibrant, it is so much easier to bring joy and servic…

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01/03/16 | Thoughts

Going With The Flow

Going with the flow Whether it be in making a meal, supporting one’s health or running a business, there is always a path of least resistance. The trick in creating a harmonious life is in finding that path – or sometimes even creating it.   Start by s…

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01/12/15 | Thoughts

The Art & Magic of Slowing Down

The Art and Magic of Slowing Down As I was sitting here pondering what to write in my final newsletter for 2015, I found myself thinking about what this year has meant to me and what I have learnt, rather than rabbiting on about how excited and proud I…

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01/11/15 | Thoughts

What I learnt from the French

What I learnt from the French I’ve just hopped off a 25 hour fight from Paris after co hosting a retreat with amazing yoga teacher Gemma Vassallo in the South of France. I know! How romantic, how utterly divine does that sound. And it really was. But y…

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01/09/15 | Thoughts

Go On, Acknowledge Yourself!

Go on, Acknowledge yourself! Self acknowledgement is not something that is widely supported in our society. It can be seen as a self-obsessed way of being, yet here’s what I have noticed in the last few months. When I didn’t stop to acknowledge myself,…

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01/08/15 | Thoughts

What I learnt from Crowd Funding

What I learnt from Crowd Funding For anyone who has ever really put themselves on the line and crowd funded a project or even if you have been close to someone who has, you will know that it truely is a most rewarding and at the same time highly confro…

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01/03/15 | Thoughts

What Nourishes You?

When it comes to creating health and wellbeing one can’t go past the notion of nourishment. When I say nourishment, the mind might automatically wander to food and you wouldn’t be wrong there. Nourishment, however, extends far beyond just food; it enco…

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