How to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

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15/07/16 | Thoughts

How to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

“Prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” – Dr Maya Angelou I love this quote, it optimises the importance of nourishing oneself. When we are filled up, healthy, in balance, vibrant, it is so much easier to bring joy and servic…

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01/03/16 | Thoughts

Going With The Flow

Going with the flow Whether it be in making a meal, supporting one’s health or running a business, there is always a path of least resistance. The trick in creating a harmonious life is in finding that path – or sometimes even creating it.   Start by s…

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01/12/15 | Thoughts

The Art & Magic of Slowing Down

The Art and Magic of Slowing Down As I was sitting here pondering what to write in my final newsletter for 2015, I found myself thinking about what this year has meant to me and what I have learnt, rather than rabbiting on about how excited and proud I…

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01/11/15 | Thoughts

What I learnt from the French

What I learnt from the French I’ve just hopped off a 25 hour fight from Paris after co hosting a retreat with amazing yoga teacher Gemma Vassallo in the South of France. I know! How romantic, how utterly divine does that sound. And it really was. But y…

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01/09/15 | Thoughts

Go On, Acknowledge Yourself!

Go on, Acknowledge yourself! Self acknowledgement is not something that is widely supported in our society. It can be seen as a self-obsessed way of being, yet here’s what I have noticed in the last few months. When I didn’t stop to acknowledge myself,…

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01/08/15 | Thoughts

What I learnt from Crowd Funding

What I learnt from Crowd Funding For anyone who has ever really put themselves on the line and crowd funded a project or even if you have been close to someone who has, you will know that it truely is a most rewarding and at the same time highly confro…

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01/03/15 | Thoughts

What Nourishes You?

When it comes to creating health and wellbeing one can’t go past the notion of nourishment. When I say nourishment, the mind might automatically wander to food and you wouldn’t be wrong there. Nourishment, however, extends far beyond just food; it enco…

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