Complete Nourishment

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 9:20 am - September 1, 2017

So I just got back from a week of living on a catamaran. Yes, that’s right, for a full week, I lived on a beautiful catamarn sailing around Fraser Island, seeing whales, turtles and dolphins daily. And it was magical.

So why am I sharing this with you? Aside from it being an exciting and delicious week, there was something much deeper that I got from this week.

Some of you have recently joined this newsletter – welcome! Some of you have been around for the last 7 years – I do love you 🙂 What you may know or may not know, is that I write these newsletters from a place of wanting to nourish, and share myself generously in a way that may make a difference to someone even on the smallest of levels.

This trip was a major reset for my body, mind and if I may say, spirit.
I left feeling healthier and more alive than I felt all year. So what happened? Was it just about resting, or was it something more?

Nourishment is not just abut what we feed our bodies through the food we eat but also the ‘food’ we feed our minds and souls.

There are many ways of nourishing oneself and if you can get the right balance the effect on one’s health and wellbeing is phenomenal.

So here is the list of what deeply nourishes me and I was reminded again by this special time away… by bringing these things into my daily life, there is a sense of wholeness, peace, wellbeing and love present.
1. Time with loved ones
2. Laugh and play
3. Plenty of time in nature
4. High quality food that works for my body
5. Singing, dancing
6. Meaningful conversations
7. Time in silence just being with myself and my environment

By knowing what nourishes you deeply and by bringing those things into your daily life, you are contributing to your overall health and wellbeing and ensuring life occurs in the most elegant way possible for you.

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