Go On, Acknowledge Yourself!

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 12:29 pm - September 1, 2015

Go on, Acknowledge yourself!

Self acknowledgement is not something that is widely supported in our society. It can be seen as a self-obsessed way of being, yet here’s what I have noticed in the last few months. When I didn’t stop to acknowledge myself, I felt no sense of satisfaction in the job that I had been doing. Any job. Quite the opposite, in fact. I would look for all the flaws and things I was not happy with. Further more, I was looking outside myself to receive acknowledgement.

My coach alerted me to this habit I seemed to have developed. She asked me to pull up a memory from the last five years where I have achieved something, and acknowledge myself for it. The resistance to do this was so strong that I could not complete the exercise.

Her advice to me was to acknowledge myself everyday for ten things I have done. The first few times it was almost impossible to find ten things! After a few days, I noticed something; I had this feeling of fulfilment begin to build. I began to appreciate myself and the job I was working on.

As with anything, learning to acknowledge oneself is a practice until it becomes ‘normal’. We are living inside brain patterns we developed when little and to create a new way of being we need to practice living this way until the pattern is established.

I guess my resistance was that somehow I thought to acknowledge oneself was ‘bad and wrong’, whereas the opposite is true. When we love and appreciate ourselves, we can freely love and appreciate another and we don’t need to look outside ourselves to find respect and appreciation.

So as we shed the layers of winter and move into spring, I acknowledge myself and each one of you for continuing on the journey of self care, being the best person you can be in each moment and no matter what we think at times, bringing much love and richness to the people around us.

With Love and In Health
Angie xx

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