The freedom in breaking up with yourself

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 9:26 am - August 1, 2017

We should talk….

Have you ever had the thought that you might be stuck inside the person you created yourself to be?

Very recently it hit me. Motherhood was coming, I suddenly found myself with a beautiful new family to spend time with, and the love of my life (my business) was no longer my only focus. And all this was causing me a little bit of upset. Whoops.

So I decided to break up with myself. Whaaat!?

It sounds rather comical but it’s actually been extraordinary.

The thing is, when we step out from the confines of who we think we are, we can create our life to be exciting, adventurous and full of magical moments.

We get stuck when we identify too strongly with who we see ourselves to be. Whether that’s a foodpreneuer, yoga teacher, business owner, mother, lover etc. There is an expectation at times of how life is supposed to look and when that expectation is not met, upset ensues. This expectation can range from how many hours of work per day is achieved to how much exercise is done in a week.

Our attachment to identity can form the HOW. How to act, dress, look, laugh and even interact with the world. At first when we are creating ourselves newly it’s liberating and exciting and freeing – but if the attachment gets stronger it works in the opposite way.

This strong attachment to identity can limit not only full self expression but also what possible actions can be taken in life. From taking holidays, going on adventures, getting into certain relationships, even creating joyful days, you name it. If there is an attachment to how things are supposed to look, it’s being played out in our lives from the people we choose to date, to the clothes we put on in the morning.

The biggest freedom you can create for yourself and your life is in breaking up with yourself and who you say yourself to be. Who you are is limitless. It’s anything, everything and nothing all at the same time. It’s ok to be brave and strong and small and weak. All of it is beautiful and perfect.

Shedding the layers of who I am supposed to be and what life is supposed to look like for me is slowly but surely bringing more and more magic and adventure into my life. Creating space for the unknown is allowing for the unforeseen to emerge. And I love it.

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