What do you do when it doesn’t feel right?

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 7:52 pm - June 1, 2018

When it doesn’t feel right…

I’ve been on such a journey to get to the place where my book, Making Peace Before You Eat, is just weeks away from landing in Australia. There have been things to navigate like a pregnancy and a newborn, and challenges that might have stopped me if I wasn’t clear as to why I was writing this book and what was important.

We often hear people saying that they stopped working on a project because it just didn’t feel right. But what does that mean and can we actually work through that feeling?

There are three things to ask ourselves when we feel ‘stopped’ or confronted 
1. Why am I feeling confronted or stopped?
2. What is my intention here?
3. What are my core values and are they being challenged?

Why am I feeling confronted or stopped? 
This can sometimes be a tricky one to nail as the mind doesn’t always want you to see it. Often it’s tied in with a bigger story, like “I can’t do it”, “I’m not good enough” etc – you know, all the doozies we create when we’re young.
But if you honestly ask yourself why you are feeling confronted or stopped you are likely to hear, “it’s too hard”, “I’m too tired” or even, “it’s not working the way that I wanted/expected it to”.

What is my intention here? 
Once we have understood and fully acknowledged the feelings, we then come back to what is our intention. Simon Sinek talks brilliantly about the importance of why here, but in a nut shell, when we are feeling connected to our intention or why we are doing something, we start seeing more clearly, with more energy the pathways to achieving our visions.

What are my core values and are they being challenged? 
This step is an important one in maintaining integrity in what’s important to each of us as individuals. For me, health and wellbeing is right up the very top, so if I’m feeling depleted, not eating properly, not resting adequately by MY standards (nobody else’s), or not finding time to exercise, slow down etc, then I find myself at the point of “it’s just not worth it” and soit’s back to the drawing board to recreate my day so that EVERYTHING is put in a structure that supports me.
Usually I find that once this area is back up and running, everything works more elegantly.

Our dreams ARE important, we dream them so that we can create them in reality for ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities. So don’t let “it doesn’t feel right” be the reason you stop something important to you from being realised.

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