Going With The Flow

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 9:00 pm - March 1, 2016

Going with the flow

Whether it be in making a meal, supporting one’s health or running a business, there is always a path of least resistance. The trick in creating a harmonious life is in finding that path – or sometimes even creating it.  

Start by setting your intention, and know it’s happening

Rarely does something new come about without an initial commitment; I call it setting an intention, you might call it making a decision. Either way, that’s when the flow begins.

I started this New Year amidst bushland with some very beautiful human beings, using my standard round of intention settings to create what the year would be about for me. One project I set my focus on for 2016 is creating a cooking show that would truly support individuals in the kitchen. I had no idea how this was going to happen, but I did know that I was 100% committed to it.

Find the reason, and have that be the driver

Stay focused on why you’re doing something rather than what. If you’re changing your diet, for example, focus on answering questions like ‘How does it feel when I eat one way vs another?’ ‘What are my energy levels like?’ ‘Why would I even make this shift?’ ‘What do I need to eat to have increased vitality?’ etc. These are your reasons for choosing one meal or snack over another. Keep doing that each day and notice how sticking to the plan becomes easier.

In the case of my cooking show – people are always asking me questions about cooking gluten free (go figure). Frequently, constantly and often the same things. It finally twigged that I should create a cooking show based on the questions being asked on a daily basis. My why is to assist people with their questions. So that is my driver. It is what people naturally want from me so the flow is present.

Have fun with it
If you’re not enjoying the process, it’s always going to feel like hard work. Think about what makes you smile, laugh and feel fulfilled. It may be practicing gratitude, or stopping for a 5 minute meditation every couple of hours. Whatever it is, make sure you find time to slot it into your day. For me it’s dancing!

On Thursday I filmed the pilot episodes of A Gluten Free Life with an incredible team including a producer, two camera men/editors, assistants and even stylists on board – I know, it’s amazing!  The thing was, on Thursday morning I woke up sick and stressed. The first episode was really hard for me; I was uncomfortable, in pain and cranky. Once we had arduously filmed every angle of me making the dish about 50 times, I made a decision to disrupt the feelings of being sick and have some fun! I turned on the music (not confirming nor denying it was Taylor Swift) and the whole team erupted into dance. It was hilarious. But more than that, it brought fun to the space and after that, filming was effortless.

Believe it or not, we each get to create the level of fun we have in any moment. You may argue that situations just happen out of our control and you could be right; but it is up to us how we respond to them. 

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