When it’s decision time…

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 9:16 am - October 1, 2017

I recently had to make a big decision. And it challenged me.

Many of you know that I’m in the throes of writing my new book. I’ve been on track to release this book this year, even down to the point of spending a week working with the incredibly talented photographer Nina Claire. Let me tell you, this book is going to be STUNNING!

I had a session with one of my business coaches (yes, I have two…) Yvette Luciano when she asked me how I saw December looking for me. With my baby due early December, I honestly shared that I wanted to just dive in and enjoy the craziness of this new human being born. The sleepless nights. The whole experience of being a mum for the first time.

She shared that if that’s what I wanted then releasing a new book late November might not be the best idea, but rather release the book early next year. I struggled with that for a while. For me, honouring my word is important. Imperative. After resisting the conversation for a few minutes, I suddenly saw something – at the end of my life would I even think about the fact that I had decided to release my new book in March rather than November? Or would I rather be thinking of all the times I was truly able to be there for the special moments in my life – like the birth month of my first child – without feeling the need to be distracted with other happenings.

In that moment, I saw that to be in integrity with myself and what I was creating in the world meant that the only thing to do was in fact to move the release date from November to March.

For each of us, there are many decisions to make every day – some easy and some more challenging. And the best way to navigate? To understand our values and what’s most important to each of us. Knowing these helps us navigate life with more ease, grace and a whole lot less resistance. And having people around us who challenge us on our decisions, hard but absolutely invaluable to creating the life we truly want.

Wishing you all a nourishing and abundant October.

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