For the past seven years, my commitment has been and will continue to be in the catering and creation of nourishing, delicious events. From weddings to corporate functions, retreats to celebrations, I work within the principles of wholefood, gluten free, organic, mindfulness and sustainability.
If you have an upcoming event, I would love to hear from you!

Weddings and functions

One of my favourite things to do is to bring beautiful, nourishing and spectacular dining to a wedding or special function. Your guests won’t know the food is gluten free or even organic if you don’t want them to and honestly they won’t notice anything is missing! My team and I have successfully catered mindful, wholefood weddings and other functions with stunning and delicious meals covering appetisers, mains, dessert tables and of course wedding cakes.

Yoga Teacher Training & Retreats

I make sure the food is an integral part of each and every retreat I cater. It’s important to share stories, information and much love to bring each participant more in touch with their bodies and the food they are about to eat. Naturally, diverse dietary requirements are lovingly catered for.

Corporate Workshops and Catering

Bringing health to your office can be interactive and so much fun! From workshops to catering and gift bags, my clients include NRMA, Clinique, In Yoga and many more. I’d love to be a guest in your workplace with the intention of supporting the evolution of a healthier and more effective working team.

Menus are based on what is in season and available, wherever possible. All meals are gluten free and if sugar is used, it will be an unrefined option such as coconut sugar or true organic maple. Soy is limited and when used will be a fermented version. Ingredients are chosen based on a high level of quality, organic nature and/or chemical-free growing practices.

Speak with me about how your next event could be not only beautiful but nourishing and delicious?