Making Peace Before You Eat

free companion app

Making Peace Before You Eat

free companion app

In a busy world, spending time quietly enjoying our meal is often not a priority. We eat while working or watching television, on the computer or phone, distracted with social media, or lost in our daily concerns and the endless to-do list. The impact is that the state of the body while eating is often contracted and even stressed; and it’s affecting our minds and our ability to digest optimally.

Making Peace Before You Eat is the companion app to Angie Cowen’s much-anticipated second book, and has been designed to help you bring in connection, gratitude and the stillness of the present moment, wherever you may be.

The app offers audio meditations and rituals in a beautifully designed, easy-to-use format, and also includes a weekly meditation tracker and mindful map, showing a heat map of where in the world the mindful community is practicing with the app.

Available now on the App Store, and coming soon to Google Play.


Coming Soon

– More meditations
– The option to save mindful minutes to the Apple Health app
– Meditation timer
– Reminders
– And a whole lot more


Privacy information

If you select ‘Allow’, Making Peace Before You Eat will upload a rough representation (accurate to within 3kms) of your geolocation each time you use it for the purpose of showing where in the world people are practicing mindfulness with the app. No personally identifying information is recorded along with these markers.


About the Team

We’re committed to improving and expanding on this app, just as we always strive to improve and expand ourselves. If there’s something you love about this app, please share it with a positive review in the app store. And if there’s something you’d love to see, or something not quite right, please get in touch with us so we can see what’s possible together.

Much love

Angie and Jeremy xx

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