Plastic Free July, Product launch Party and more!

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 9:29 am - July 1, 2017

Going plastic free this July

Thank you all for such warm wishes on the news of my pregnancy. I’m definitely feeling the love! I’ve had beautiful emails, the cutest little booties knitted and amazing hugs. There’s nothing like the news of new life to bring the wider community together. It’s been so special to witness and I’m certainly very grateful to you all.

As July is upon us, I wanted to share a very cool initiative happening this month called Plastic Free July. As you all know, one of the big things we were committed to in creating our product range was ensuring they came in plastic free packaging. I’ve shared how challenging the journey was, how much research we had to do to find the right format so we could honour this commitment and how far behind Australia is with regards to its use of plastics.

Now since becoming pregnant my spidey senses have been dialled up to a higher plastic free frequency, to the point where I’ve found myself standing in the supermarket aisle just staring into my basket wondering how I can even buy my dinner when I’m committed to going plastic free and yet everything comes in plastic.

Plastic leaches all kinds of chemicals into our food and puts huge amounts of pressure on the environment so I thought to share some of my top tips as to how you can go plastic free this July and beyond.

1. Don’t stress – just do your best (phew!)
2. Get yourself a travel cup – that way you don’t need to use takeaway plastic-lined coffee cups with plastic lids. I’m a big fan of porcelain ones, and Egg of the Universe in Rozelle Sydney are stocking some beauties!
3. Buy your toiled paper wrapped in paper instead of plastic – Who Gives A Crap have a great social enterprise model and offer free delivery.
4. Get some beeswax covered cloths to cover your leftovers – they work a treat! Check these guys out.
5. Bring your own bags when you go shopping. If I forget, I just ask for a box.
6. Get yourself a beautiful water filter for home – that way you don’t have to buy bottled water. We recently purchased this one and fill up our glass bottles to take with us. The water tastes amazing, saves money and saves the environment. We also purchased a ceramic filter candle which has the smallest amount of plastic we could find.

Here at LLGF, we’re going plastic free this July and invite you to join us. The commitment is saying no to single use plastic options. Join the tribe here, it’s pretty cool.

We hope to see you this Friday at the Product Launch Party at In Yoga in Surry Hills. It’s going to be so much fun!

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