The truth amongst the chatter

By Angie Cowen  |  Thoughts  |  Posted at 9:53 am - May 1, 2017

On the weekend I was blessed to cater one of my favourite retreats in one of the most beautiful locations.

I was having a conversation about listening to your truth with a lovely retreat goer. It was one of those conversations where words are said and worlds were felt behind every word, like so much had been experienced to get us to have that particular conversation. It was also a conversation that reminded me where I’ve come from and what my commitment is in life.

We often hear the phrase ‘listen to your truth’ but sometimes the waters are so murky that it’s virtually impossible to determine what the actual truth is to be listened to.

When we feel like life is off track and everything is feeling a little out of control, many times what’s missing is that clear voice that tells us what to do next or what’s best for us.

So how do we actually listen to our truth in amongst ‘the crazy’ of everyday? Amongst the incessant chatter of the mind?

Quiet time.

The answer seems simple enough but when the brain is going for it, quiet time sometimes can be the hardest thing to take on.

So take it slow. Wind the mind down. Go for a walk (without your phone) and allow the chatter to slow down. Head to the beach, feel the sand beneath your toes, listen to the waves, smell the salty air. Gentle doing is a beautiful way of taking the mind by the hand and bringing it to a calmer pace. A place where the illusions and dramas of life are dimmer and the truth can emerge.

So take that beautiful mind of yours by the hand and guide it to a place where you can listen clearly, truthfully, and without bias to what it’s saying and let your truth be at the helm of your ship, guiding you always, back home to you.

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